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Rev Louis V Piccolo, PhD, MsM, CLU, ChFC

Welcome to my Ministry Site.   Activities like these workshops are some of the means of support.  ... not limited to recovery people.

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My 4th Step Bio

7:30 PM Monday 23 February 2015 Fellowship Hall
Tropical Sands Christian Church 2726 Burns Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33410

I startred comming to Alcoholics Anonymous in 1978.   A couple of old guys threw me in the back seat of their Oldsmobile and drove from Providence to Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA.   There was an entire floor dedicated to the step stuides; twelve rooms, one for every step.   They talked about the steps for the whole one hour ride, then the 90 minutes of the meeting and if that wasn't enough, the whole ride home.   People came from every New England state, NY & NJ too.  From those days until now nothing has been any different.   They read the step, then one or more talk about what it means or is supposed to mean , and how do it.   Sadly they all were wrong, including Wilson!

I quickly realized that many of those who have a vioce (very many) liked to hear themselves talk, usually how great they were, how smart they were and how desparately they concealed their true identity, lack of knowledge, information, and sincerity to help others except, to make themselves look good. 

This sucked.

I hear exactly the same thing today.   Windbags of every description, some of whom are so talented they could get me to mortgage the ranch and give them the money for whatever they pleased.  I despise them as manipulators but marvel at their ability to consistently con the life out of people.   Their qualifications being meerly their ability to get attention and exaggerate thier story if any of it is true.   You know them, they are everywhere.   They never help anyone.   They don't know how.

Personally, I have had more failure than success in Alcoholics Anonymous but that is documental credibility to my expert knowledge about failure.   Somewhere along the way,     I have managed to remain happily sober for some 15 years now primarily following a sentence in the book.  It says, "(Well, that's exactly what this book is about".)   "The main object is to enable you to find a Power greated than yourself which will solve your problem."

The book went on to say in How it Works, "May you find Him now."   That is what I decided to do, not from the unidentifiable self appointed gurus, but from far more reliable sources.    I studied spirituality, meditation, religion, metaphysics, history, ethics, morals, epistimology, and more from the world's most authoritative sources on spirituality (See Spiritual Readings) finally becomming a Master of Metaphysics, a Dr of Philosophy in Religion, and an Ordained Minister.

Now, I understand what this is about.   I hope to share some if it with you.

I will show you more in one hour than anyone has ever revealed to the entire recover community in the past 75 years.

This is not an AA sanctioned event.

  • Open to the public.   Anyone can attend.
  • You will be admitted free if you can not afford the cost.
  • You may not copy, distribute, modify, etc. any of the information or literature without prior written approval.
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Rev Louis V Piccolo, PhD, MsM, CLU, ChFC
Dr of Philosophy in Religion
Master of Metaphysics

Villa Franciscan
2101 Avenue F Apt 314
Riviera Beach, FL 33404
(401) 548-5803

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