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Rev Louis V Piccolo, PhD, MsM, CLU, ChFC

Welcome to my Ministry Site.   Activities like these workshops are some of the means of support.  Recomended but not limited to Fellowship people.

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4th Step Workshop Lecture Notes

7:30 PM Monday 23 February 2015 Fellowship Hall
Tropical Sands Christian Church 2726 Burns Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33410

Why - discover greater happiness & love

Catechism - Why did God make me?

love begins with self-love

Circle Triangle

School progression, diversity

amount of knowledge to perform vs amount to live
(164 + 125 = 289)
Big Book & 12x12 - limited info compared to above

world is round not flat

Inventory - misses mark, incomplete, insufficient

see-saw over under inflated ego - fear
Truth - illusion
Love - fear


God will not force Love upon you.  God will never interfere with your free will. Remember, Love never forces itself.  Love must be welcomed in.

Do not attempt to overpower your fear in any way, for that would be giving it the respect it doesn’t deserve.  That would be giving power to something that is unreal. Never try to conquer fear.

Instead, always find a way to love and fear will vanish back into the nothingness from which it came.
Tell God of your willingness to replace fear with love.  And then wait with infinite patience for love to heal your perception.  Wait with faith for your escape from fear to love.

anytime you feel victimized, or inadequate in any way, that you are listening to the voice of fear.   Fear’s voice is not your voice.  You are not what you fear.  The fear that it speaks of is an illusion.

The voice of fear always judges.   It always speaks of hatred and inadequacy of yourself or of others.  In order to maintain this position of condemnation of self and others it preaches fear of love.

Fear is afraid of love.   Fear will condemn you or someone else. It doesn’t matter.  For when you condemn someone else, you’re automatically condemning yourself; because you’re judging what you’ve denied in yourself and projected out onto another.  (Remember the mind projects its sense of guilt outward).

You’re really condemning not what your brother has done, but what you have done but have denied.   That’s always what is occurring when we judge someone else.  Judgment is rooted in fear.

The higher mind promotes harmony and inner peace.   It does not ask us to make sacrifices but merely invites us to let go of our illusions.   It gently guides us to pursue our desire for the sake of our freedom and for the good of others and ourselves.  It recognizes our strength and abundance.   It sees us for who we really are – a child of God.   It doesn’t command us or use coercion of any sort, nor judge us as deficient or guilty, because the higher mind comes from love, and love never attacks. Strength comes from love because love is undivided. When we align ourselves with our higher mind and give all that we have to all that we want, we cash in on the spiritual currency of our desire and create a context in which miracles can occur.

conscious, sub-conscious, higher infinite spiritual
Present     not pressent     spiritual

You cannot attract what you want into your life by hating what you don’t want.

The more you focus on the things you hate and don’t want, the more you actually attract these things into your life.   Miracles are a correction of the false thinking.   The mind gets into a state of miracle readiness when it is focused on what it wants instead of what it doesn’t want.

A Course in Miracles
Rev Loretta Saini, PhD

to create proper inventory there must be enough positives
to realistically begin.

Assemble positive side of the inventory First.

Validate with family member.


Read daily for 2 weeks

Allow 3 seconds for negative per letter, list only one.

Please bring a notebook or pad.  No recordings.   Seating is limited.

You will leave anxious to begin what you have previously reluctantly avoided even if you have tried many times before.

This is not an AA sanctioned event.

  • Open to the public.   Anyone can attend.
  • You will be admitted free if you can not afford the cost.
  • You may not copy, distribute, modify, etc. any of the information or literature without prior written approval.
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Rev Louis V Piccolo, PhD, MsM, CLU, ChFC
Dr of Philosophy in Religion
Master of Metaphysics

Villa Franciscan
2101 Avenue F Apt 314
Riviera Beach, FL 33404
(401) 548-5803

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